St. Margaret Mary Roman Catholic Church

Gathered by the call of Jesus to serve one another.

2405 S 7th St, Terre Haute, IN 47802
(812) 232-3512

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REGULAR Mass Schedule

Saturday: 4:00 PM
English - 11:00 AM
Spanish - 2:00 PM
Thursday and Friday:
9:00 AM
3rd Thu - 11:00 AM
Holy Days: See Bulletin


Saturday: 4:00 PM or by
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Welcome . . .

Fr. Daniel BedelSt. Augustine is credited with calling Christ, “ever ancient, ever new.”  As Catholics, we recognize the need for the Church to have one foot firmly established in the ancient traditions and devotions of our faith, while having the other foot always stepping out courageously into the modern age in which we live.  It is in this spirit that we of St. Margaret Mary Parish in Terre Haute welcome you to our parish community through our website.  In this site, we invite you to discover the amazing events coming up, listen to the weekly homilies, meet our wonderful staff and volunteers, and explore our mission to be an active, diverse community brought together by the story of God working in and through our lives.  I hope you enjoy your visit to this website, and through it, I hope you feel welcomed to our wonderful parish family!  May God bless you!

Fr. Daniel Bedel

PS.  See you at Mass! 

Reflections from Deacon Mike . . . For rejoicing in the Lord is your strength

Deacon Mike StratmanIn our fast-paced culture of eat and run, few people make time to enjoy a leisurely meal in the company of friends. Someone has even remarked that the only way to enjoy a seven-course meal today is to get it all between two pieces of bread! How true!

When the Israelites returned to Jerusalem from their exile in Babylon, they found their city in ruins. Nehemiah heard of their distress and came to help them rebuild the temple and the walls of the city. After completing the construction, the Israelites gathered to hear Ezra, the priest, read from the Book of the Law, given by God through Moses. The teachers among them helped them to understand the readings. When they realized their shortcomings they began to weep. But, Nehemiah and Ezra told them this was not a time for sorrow but a time for great joy, "for rejoicing in the Lord is your strength". The people were told to prepare a feast and share it with those who had nothing.

The spiritual banquet God prepares for us each time we celebrate our Mass is a cause for great joy. Christ the Living Bread satisfies our spiritual hunger each time we receive the Body and Blood of Christ. May we take the time to savor every moment when we receive His precious Body and Blood to grow more in love with our Savior each day!

Together through prayer and service, 

Deacon Mike